Thank you for stopping by the Angel Ink Expressions website.  I hope you will enjoy your browse through my products.  Each piece is a unique, custom creation that incorporates history and character.  My goal is to create spectacular, upcycled home decor that is beautiful and functional, and to appeal to eco-friendly connoisseurs of style and decorating.  I will be happy to share the history and story of each piece, as well as negotiate price, if appropriate.  Follow me on Instagram @ AngelInkExpressions for all the latest updates on products and what's happening in the workshop.

The picture does not do this amazing mirror/wall unit justice! It is made from reclaimed cedar wood and a repurposed mirror.  The hooks and 'Home' embellishment are new hardware.  A wire hooking has been attached to the back for easy and secure hanging. This piece has been SOLD.
This is a cool, one-of-a-kind plant stand made of wood balusters and metal grates from a barbecue grill (cleaned of course!). The wood was given a gray stain coating and a clear coat finish.  This item has been SOLD.
This vintage washboard is from the National Washboard Company No. 28 circa early 1900s.  The original wood and designs on both sides have been preserved and coated with polyeurathane.  The trim has been given a black high gloss finish.  This piece is perfect for a kitchen, mud room, or laundry room.  Decorative magnets can be used to display pictures or notes. SOLD
This distressed wall unit is one of my personal favorites.  So much time and attention went into getting this project "just right". The shelving unit was designed and constructed from reclaimed wood.  It was sanded, painted, then distressed by hand for the patina effect.  A light stain was added and finished with a clear coat sealer.  It has a center hook at the top for hanging decor.  Sawtooth hooks were added for easy mounting.  Great for displaying books, plants, vases, and nic-nacs. This item is available on my Etsy store @​​.
These bar stool chairs (which were worn and dated) were  going to be thrown out , so I decided to give them new life with an updated, fresh, modern look.  I removed the old paint and repaint ed them in high gloss black  and added new cushion and fabric  to the seats.  I chose a fun yet stylish fabric, "Le Jardin". New felt was added to the feet and "voila" two brand new chairs to adorn any seating area. I am happy that a customer fell in love with them and bought them.  SOLD.

​​This Crate Table is such a gem! The crates were stained with Early American in order to preserve the natural writing on the sides.  The table top and shelves are made of knooted pine and clear coated to accent its natural finish.  This  shelving unit is both functional and decorative and sure to be a stape of any room. This item has been SOLD.
 This crate shelving unit was the first to be made in black with knotted pine table top and shelves. SOLD
Remember the old type writer tables? Well, this one got a new look with high gloss black paint. Marble design floor tiles were inlaid on the table top with a red accent line.  This table is great for storage, decor, and the tile is easy to clean.  This was one of my more fun projects and received a lot of compliments.  Needless to say, it SOLD very quickly.
This retro stool was refurbished with a new leather seat in a bright, popping red  color.  The chrome was given a clean and shine by using fine grade steel wool.  New leg caps were attached to the bottom of the legs.  This stool is a perfect accent chair for a room and provides fun extra seating when someone needs to "pull up a seat".  This stool is AVAILABLE at
An upcycler's dream, this window pane coffee table with storage was constructed from reclaimed wood and a repurposed window.  The glass in the window was replaced and upgraded to be consistent with coffee table weight glass.  The legs were constructed from landscaping ties.  New hardware was added.  Felt pads line the inside of the window and scratch guards have been attached to the legs.  This coffee table is sturdy enough to be the center piece of any room.  It has storage which provides functionality  and is stylish in design. What a creative way to salvage and repurpose  items destined to be discarded! This coffee table with storage is available for purchase at my Etsy store at
This cedarwood planter box started out as an old tool box . The tool box was covered with cedarwood planks both inside and outside.  The cedarwood was then finished with a mixture of cherry and amber stain.  One of my favorite parts are the hooks and  sturdy rope detail for easy handling.  The planter box is portable and will make a great accent to any room.  This cedarwood planter box is available for purchase at my Etsy store at

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coatrack.  A true repurposing adventure.  The coatrack is wood shelving slats that have been arrange in a staggered pattern.  They are secured to wood supports and have hooks for easy hanging.  The knobs are washer knobs I picked up at the Elephant's Trunk flea market.  They were painted and mounted with new screws.  I affectionately call this the "firehouse" coat rack.  It is available for purchase at my Etsy store at . 

This storage bench was just a plain, wooden box when I picked it up for $6 at a yard sale.  It went from drab to fab with a beautiful coat of crisp, white paint.  An upholstered cushion was mounted to the top, and a matching "pop" of color was painted on the inside of the storage bench.  What a fun project.  I knew the storage bench had potential when I saw it.  I was so happy when a woman bought it as a toy/storage chest for her grandson. SOLD
These vintage brass candlestick holders were given an unexpected twist as book ends. They have been drilled and pressure fitted into landscaping ties that have been painted glossy black and given a protective finish.  The brass anchors were polished and buff restoring their luster while retaining their vintage component. Perfect for somoneone who appreciates a nautical  decor accent. These brass bookends are available on my Etsy store at
I have fallen in love with the texture of stone ground paint! This wooden boogie board was elevated to a new level using textured stone paint in charcoal (top) and black (bottom).  A racing stripe was added keeping in line with the "motion" theme.  The boogie board was mounted to the base of a repurposed desk chair.  The lever and hydraulics makes the coffee table height adjustable and the wheel base makes it ideal for mobility.  This table is great for a man cave, teen room, or any place that needs a touch of "cool".  The boogie board coffee table is available on my Etsy store at
This country wood coffee table is an upcycling dream!!  The base started out as a 3-shelf wall unit with scalloped trimming (probably from the '70s).  Two of the shelves were removed.  The third was moved to the center as a divider.  With the scalloped trim removed the shelf unit was turned on its back and, voila, a coffee table  was born.  The lift-top of the coffee table was upcycled from the door of a dresser and driftwood slats were affixed. The legs are custom made from 2 x 4s and new black hardware was attached.  I'm so proud of this piece and am excited to see it find a new home. The country wood coffee table with lift top is available on my Etsy store at
This vintage-modern frame is such a gem.  A wooden frame with detailed lined grooves gives it such character.  I wanted to modernize the frame and make it functional as well.  To this end, I gave it a chalkboard/corkboard interior and updated the frame with a bright blue paint, tipped with white highlights, and finished with a shellac to give it a sheen, protective finish. Sawtooth hooks are on both ends so it can be hung vertically in either direction.  This item is available on my  Etsy store @